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TakeshiG, Fri 17. Oct 2008 16:59
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Confusion all around - Yeah, about that.
The comic doesn't actually start at the story's beginning.

So that you understand it better:
The kids have already had a lot of adventures and met Fu-Leng chan (Chao) on the way. She has helped them a bit and travelled along the way. But now it seems that she has turned against them and joined forces with the villain.

I did start a comic about the beginning but I won't be uploading it here.

Poor Hitoshi always gets his facts wrong. First he thought one person had to carry all the elements and now he's even got the total number wrong. ^^

Well, enjoy!

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Manga-Ka, Fri 17. Oct 2008 08:13
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- nice ^^' but I'm kinda comfused.. >__>' how did they get there? .__.'

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