Digimon Elements

NEW Analyzer! @ Sat 31. Jan 2009 15:33

I have added links to a Digidex or Digimon Analizer on most pages. Usually when new characters appear or old ones that didn't appear in a long time. The "Analyzer" explains some things deeper than the story itself.
Just beware of SPOILERS! Especially at the Evolution section and eventually the Appearance or Digimon Elements sections.

If you don't mind spoilers or have already read the story on Drunk Duck, then feel free to browse the Analyzer as much as you want! Just don't spoiler other readers!

That's all for now. Just enjoy, kay? ^.^,,

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Bonus Chapter @ Sat 06. Dec 2008 19:11

Well, Here it is. The bonus chapter with the great name "Bonus Chapter". ,,^.^

It explains more the background of the digital world and a bit of earlier events. Ikumi-chi and Souta-kun are the main characters here.
If you don't like my pencil scribbling then please come back 19th december when the next real chapter starts.

Enjoy, if you want!

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Scedule @ Fri 03. Oct 2008 15:57

Well, cover and first page are up.
I will update Fridays or Saturdays.
I warn you that the first pages are not so good. (especially 03) but I improve a lot and I'm quite proud of the last few pages. Please be patient until then!

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DE coming to SJ @ Sat 27. Sep 2008 19:08

Well, well.
Due to some problems on DD recently I have decided to upload DE here as well now.
DE has about 25 pages, (including covers but not fillers and bonus pages) although I wish it had like 3125 pages. ^^
I will start with an all new cover I'll finish possibly tonight.
Look forward to it!

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